Distinto provides consultancy services tailored to help our clients realise their project. We have a distinct specialism designing within the sphere of architecture and construction, collaborating with architects, engineers and private individuals to shape eclectic narratives.

Our team specialises in design feasbility, case development and aesthetics across multiple facets of the built environment.


Development of material solutions, brief, programme and aesthetic . Consultation on process, technical requirements and contracting.

Intelligence and identification of material through qualitative research, application, analysis, intervention and evaluation.

Holistic advice on quality, timeline and deliverables.




"We can't ignore the importance of letting our wildest dreams become tangible attributes of the urban."


Matthew Nicholl is a Northern Irish freelance architectural designer (RIBA Part II) and material alchemist who forges new concepts for the built environment through exploration, analysis and intervention.

Born in Belfast, Matthew journeyed to the North East of England in 2011 to study a Bachelors in Architecture at Newcastle University, winning his first major competition RIBA ‘Forgotten Spaces’ later that year. He joined studio ‘Show/Tell’, completing a design for a mineral museum as well as other explorations. Matthew worked on several projects linked with the metamorphosis of Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District, coinciding with his dissertation and collaborated closely with architects, programmers, musicians, designers and the local municipality.

Following graduation Matthew re-located to the Netherlands to take up post at Mecanoo Architecten in Delft as a business development consultant working on a range of initial stage concept design proposals and text based narratives in response to various procurement opportunities world-wide. He worked to secure considerable and noteworthy commissions.

After a six year hiatus, Matthew returned to his birth place, Northern Ireland. He worked as an intern at Todd Architects prior to his continuation of study at Queen’s University Belfast. There he joined the material-based studio ‘WithoutPrecedent’ to create 1:1 scale construction fragments. He completed a dissertation on The Phenomenon of Street Morphology and Materialisation and is now researching his thesis project with studio ‘in TIME’.


Collaborators: William Mackey, Gustavo Mansur, Walter Woodington